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Property and Casualty

Explore our comprehensive range of Property and Casualty insurance services, designed to provide robust protection and peace of mind for your business. From safeguarding your physical assets with Property Insurance to mitigating legal risks with General Liability, our tailored solutions cater to diverse business needs. We also offer specialized coverage like Workers Compensation, Commercial Umbrella, and Commercial Auto insurance, ensuring every aspect of your business is securely covered. Trust in our expertise to secure your operations and assets against unforeseen events and liabilities.

Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is a specific form of insurance that gives protection to both the company building and the company-owned items. This type of insurance can include a wide array of things: lost income or business interruption, buildings, computers, money, and valuable documents.

General Liability

General liability insurance is meant to protect business owners and operators from potential claims which can originate from a wide range of sources. These risks could be anything from liabilities arising out of accidents related to the insured party's operations, contractual liabilities, or products produced by the insured party, etc.

Workers Compensation

Employers are safeguarded from any claims due to injuries sustained by their workers through workers' compensation insurance. This insurance also shields your business from legal action and offers employees recompense for any injuries sustained on the job.

Commercial Umbrella

Commercial umbrella insurance supplements your other liability coverages by providing additional liability protection that kicks in after your other liability coverage limits are exceeded. Put simply, it serves as an extra layer of protection to cover costs that surpass the limits of your existing liability coverage.

Commercial Auto

Most of the time, a commercial auto insurance policy is necessary when the car is used for business activities and meets certain conditions. It is not just the registration that dictates if a business auto insurance policy is needed; other conditions, such as corporate ownership, hauling goods for hire, and the vehicle's gross vehicle weight, may also be applicable. In certain situations, a personal auto insurance policy may be sufficient for small trucks.