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Shipping and Transportation

Navigate the complexities of shipping and transportation with our tailored insurance solutions. Whether it's ocean cargo, inland transit, warehouse storage, or flood damage, our insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage to protect your business against a wide range of transportation and logistical risks. Secure your goods and operations with our specialized insurance products, ensuring smooth sailing for your business endeavors.

Ocean Cargo

Manufacturers and merchants are provided with comprehensive protection from financial losses due to damage to goods during transit with ocean cargo insurance. This coverage can be tailored to fit the needs of the insured, and the full value of the transported cargo is insured. In addition, damages and costs which service providers, like freight forwarders and carriers, are usually not liable for or have limited liability for can be replaced by this insurance, as agreed upon.

Inland Transit

Businesses can purchase Inland Marine insurance to provide financial protection for their property that is transported by land. This includes equipment, products, parts and materials being shipped by land-based vehicles such as automobiles, trucks and trains. This type of insurance can also extend to property owned or in a business’ care related to construction, transportation, fine art and renewable energy.


Insurance for warehouse storage operations, known as warehouse legal liability insurance, is helpful in protecting a business that is acting as a bailee - i.e. one that has been entrusted with the property of another - from direct physical loss or damage of property that may occur during the storage, cross-docking, packaging, labeling, or other services that the bailee provides.


Commercial flood insurance helps protect your business from flood damage. This type of commercial insurance can help protect your business’ physical location and the contents inside. You may need to get this insurance as a separate policy because flood coverage is not usually a part of a commercial property insurance policy.